Raquel Pawnshop offers the cheapest Personal Accident Insurance. This offering is for customers of Raquel Pawnshop in both pawning and non-pawning who are entitled of the following benefits:

  • Accidental Death P30,000.00
  • Permanent Total Disability P30,000.00
  • Permanent Partial Disability up to P30,000.00
  • Unprovoked Murder and Assault (UMA) P30,000.00
  • Accidental Burial (ABE) P6,000.00
  • Accidental Ambulance Benefit (AAB) P5,000.00

The accident coverage begins on the date of transaction and shall be valid for six (6) months. This shall provide insurance protection 24-hours a day, worldwide!

*Note: A Pawner/ Non-Pawner can buy maximum of five (5) Insurance Certificates only.

Personal Accident Insurance in Raquel Pawnshop is only P20.00

Basic claim requirements

1. Accident/Sickness Insurance Claim Report Form

2. Attending Physician’s Report Form.

3. Police Investigation Report or Statement of Witnesses

4. Copy of Certificate of Insurance

5. Secure the pawn ticket because it is required to present upon renewal or redemption of the pawned item.

Accidental Death/Unprovoked Murder and Assault
  • 1. Birth Certificate of the Insured and Beneficiary(ies) – authenticated copy
  • 2. Police Investigation Report or Statement of Witnesses
  • 3. Death Certificate – authenticated copy
  • 4. Marriage contract – authenticated copy
  • 5. Burial receipts / expenses
Accidental Death/Unprovoked Murder and Assault
  • 1. EENT Specialist’s Certification in case of loss of sight.
  • 2. Medical Specialist’s Certification on the current medical/physical condition of the Insured
  • 3. Photos showing the latest condition of the Insured
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