Raquel Pawnshop, Inc. is a family owned business that was established on November 5, 1993. The corporation started solely as Raquel Pawnshop in the year 1986 managed by Ms. Raquelita R. Rafa, the eldest child of Mr. Reynaldo and Mrs. Rosita Raquel. The first pawnshop rose at the heart of Lucena City where the original textile business of Raquel family grew. It is specifically located at No. 129 Merchan Street, Lucena City. As her first business venture, Ms. Raquelita R. Rafa devoted all her time and effort to operate the business single-handedly as manager, appraiser, sales clerk, and maintenance personnel all in one. With the guidance of her parents, her patience and perseverance, she was able to make the pawnshop grow and later her three other siblings namely Pablito, May Raquel and Ronaldo were motivated in putting up their own pawnshop carrying the same name. Mr. Pablito L. Raquel chose to put up his branch in No. 51 Zamora Street, Barangay 6, Lucena City, the second branch. Ms. May Raquel R. Lacuesta picked Quezon Avenue, Barangay 7, Lucena City, the third branch. Mr. Ronaldo L. Raquel went to No. 142-A Merchan Street, Lucena City, the fourth branch where the head office is now located. On the other hand, Ms. Recilda R. Pontioso, the third child of Mr. Reynaldo and Mrs. Rosita Raquel intervened in their pawnshop business as auction head while still attached to their textile business. As the branches continue to expand the family of Raquel agreed to form a corporation which paved the way for RAQUEL PAWNSHOP, INC.

In its early years of existence Raquel Pawnshop, Inc. served as a money lending company in exchange of personal property which is within the scope and limitation of Presidential Decree No. 114 also known as “PAWNSHOP REGULATIONS ACT”. The first few branches were established in nearby towns of Quezon Province and Laguna. And in later years, was scattered in the whole of CALABARZON and selected areas in Metro Manila. Raquel Pawnshop, Inc. in the year 2006 launched the “renew anywhere” service - the first automated and network based transaction ever-made in the realm of pawnshop industry. This innovation was made to lift customer service satisfaction which turned out to be one of RPI’s major achievements. It brought several awards to the company coming from different agencies and prestigious award giving bodies.

About Us

Raquel Pawnshop, Inc., today one of the most trusted and friendly names in the pawnshop business, has become almost a landmark in its birthplace, Lucena City in the Southern Tagalog region.From there it has spread its branches, so to speak, all over Luzon, and is now taking root in the Visayas and Mindanao.

  • Mission

    We provide superior quality products and services that will improve the lives of our clients, our people and our surrounding communities for them to feel and say, "Palagay ang Loob Ko!"

  • Vision

    To be one of the country's outstanding pawnshop and financial solution provider

Corporate Symbol

Corporate Symbol


added shape of a heart

The Mascot of Raquel Pawnshop

Ate Raquel

Tagline of Raquel Pawnshop






Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Raquel Pawnshop accepts
- Jewelries

made of Gold, White Gold, Diamond, Scrap Gold

- Electronic Gadgets

such as Cellphone, Digital Cameras, Laptops, Tablets/IPADs, Smart Watch, Apple Watch

- Luxury Bags

such as Louis Vuitton, Channel, Prada, Gucci

1. Visit any of Raquel Pawnshop branch near you.

2. Bring your jewelry/gadget and one (1) valid ID. Present it to our friendly and skilled appraiser.

3. If the appraised value and net proceeds are agreeable to you, sign in the pawn ticket.

4. Receive and count the money before leaving the counter.

5. Secure the pawn ticket because it is required to present upon renewal or redemption of the pawned item.

RENEW ANYWHRE means you can renew or pay the interest of your pawned item to any Raquel Pawnshop branch where you are. You do not need to go back to the branch where your item was pawned. Raquel Pawnshop is proud to be a pioneer of RENEW ANYWHERE. This special feature of renewal in Raquel Pawnshop is FREE OF CHARGE.



129 Merchan Street, Brgy. 6, Lucena City, Quezon


168 Quezon Avenue, Brgy. 7, Lucena City, Quezon


51 Zamora Street, Brgy. 6, Lucena City, Quezon

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Just present the documents listed below:

Basic claim requirements

1. Accident/Sickness Insurance Claim Report Form

2. Attending Physician’s Report Form

3. Police Investigation Report or Statement of Witnesses

4. Copy of Certificate of Insurance

Accidental Death/Unprovoked Murder and Assault

1. Birth Certificate of the Insured and Beneficiary(ies) – authenticated copy

2. Police Investigation Report or Statement of Witnesses

3. Death Certificate – authenticated copy

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